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Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Marana, AZ

Homeowners insurance is one of the most important types of insurance to have. It protects your home and belongings in the event of a covered loss. Homeowners insurance in Marana, AZ, typically covers fire, wind damage, theft, and other types of losses. It is important to have adequate coverage to replace your home and belongings if damaged or destroyed.

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Marana, AZ, is $767.  Home insurance coverage can be modified according to the policyholders' demands and financial capabilities. The cost of insurance can be influenced by a wide range of elements, including the kind of coverage, the deductible, the age of the home, safety features, the region where you live, the weather, and many more. Therefore, homeowners should compare the prices and features provided by the various companies before buying home insurance in Marana, Arizona. Here are some methods for locating inexpensive homeowners insurance in Marana, Arizona.

See the chart below for information on the best insurance companies and rates in Marana, AZ.

Factors affecting home insurance in Marana, AZ:

1. Home insurance rates by coverage levels

2. Home insurance rates by deductibles

3. Home insurance rates by materials used

4. Home insurance rates by the number of claims

Homeowners Insurance Costs by Coverage Level

Your Marana, Arizona, homeowner's insurance rate goes up as your coverage level does. This is because the insurance provider is taking on greater risk by insuring your property for a higher premium. To account for this risk, they will charge you a greater premium. When choosing a coverage level for your homeowner's insurance, it's important to strike a balance between getting the protection you need and keeping your premiums affordable. If you need help determining how much coverage you need, talk to your insurance agent or company representative. They can help you assess risks and choose a policy that meets your needs. For instance, in Marana, Arizona homeowners who choose $100K coverage pay $744 for home insurance.

Rates for Home Insurance by Deductibles

Deductibles are one of the most critical aspects of homeowners insurance. They are the amount the policyholder will have to pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company pays for any damages. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium, but it is important to ensure that the deductible is an amount the policyholder can afford to pay. For instance, in Marana, Arizona homeowners who select a $1,500 deductible pay $646 for their home insurance. As a result, the higher your deductible, the lower your monthly premium will be. For illustration, in Marana, Arizona homeowners that select a $500 deductible for their house insurance pay $758.

Homeowners Insurance Rates by Materials Used

The type of materials used in your home can significantly impact your homeowner's insurance rates. Homes built with fire-resistant materials, for example, are typically cheaper to insure than homes made of wood or other combustible materials. And homes made of brick or stone are typically more affordable to insure than homes made of wood or vinyl siding. For instance, in Marana, AZ, residents pay $752 and $667 in homeowner insurance for homes with hail- and fire-resistant roofs.

Homeowners Insurance Rates Based on the Number of Claims

Homeowners insurance rates in Marana, AZ, are based on the number of claims filed in the city. The more claims that are filed, the higher the rates will be. This is because insurance companies view Marana as a high-risk area for claims. They believe that the chances of a claim being filed are greater in Marana than in other parts of the state. As a result, they charge higher rates to offset the risk. For instance, policyholders in Marana, Arizona, can get their coverage for just $667 if they have never filed a claim. The annual cost of house insurance for policyholders with one or two claims is between $836 and $859.

Top Home Insurance Companies in Marana, AZ

Home Insurance Company A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating Homeowners Insurance Market share
State Farm A 17.97%
Allstate A+ 8.64%
Nationwide A+ 8%
Travelers A++ 4.13%
Erie A+ 3.5%

Top Travelers Home Insurance Agents in Marana, AZ

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Ledbetter Insurance Agency 5330 N LA CHOLLA BLVD
Vreeland Insurance Inc 6802 E Broadway Blvd 85710
Tri-Town Agency Inc 1650 E River Rd Ste 201D 85718
Powell Agency Inc 1135 E Florence Blvd
(520) 836-7423
All Security Insurance Agency 5825 N Oracle Rd 85704-3813
First National Financial Services Inc 3281 N Hunt Hwy Ste 111 85132
(520) 723-8488
Nbt-Mang Insurance Agency 6152 E 22ND STREET
(520) 327-6534
John Hendry Ins Agcy Inc 5055 E BROADWAY BLVD STE 214
Boyes Agency Inc 3682 W Orng Grv Rd Ste 110
Ea-Brady And Lanier Risk Management 5501 N Swan Rd Ste 219 85718
(520) 299-3445

Top Nationwide Home Insurance Agents in Marana, AZ

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Paul Nicholas Kinan 6452 N Oracle Rd
(520) 544-5777
Be All You Can Be Inc. Dba Brian Barber Insurance 1670 N Kolb Rd Ste 244
R M Bush & Company 7851 E Wrightstown Rd
(520) 721-1700
Daniel W Connor Agency 4759 E Camp Lowell Dr
Bill Moore Agency Inc. 3720 W Ina Rd Ste 132
Paul Nicholas Kinan 4562 N 1st Ave Ste 120
(520) 293-2900
Robert Frank Stastny 6340 N Campbell Ave Ste 100
(520) 789-7223
Paul Nicholas Kinan 3857 N Oracle Rd
(520) 293-4650
Brian V Barber 8858 E Tanque Verde Rd
Doug Pyron 6737 E Camino Principal Ste E
(520) 298-0888

Top State Farm Home Insurance Agents in Marana, AZ

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Greg Regan 645 E Speedway Blvd
(520) 326-1550
Bill Harris 3801 E Fort Lowell Rd Ste 101 85716-1760
Sheila Curtis 3275 W Ina Rd Ste 111 85741
Bob Burkett 1195 N Arizona Blvd
Brad Smith 13190 E Clssl Cave Rd Ste 170 85641-8818
Darren Featherstone 10420 N La Canada Dr 85737-7025
Chuck Bateman 2654 N Campbell Ave 85719-3102
Paul Nannini 1955 W Grant Rd Ste 199
(520) 797-4131
Abiy Tilahun 7231 E Golf Links Rd
Sue Mullen 4871 E Speedway Blvd 85712

Top Allstate Home Insurance Agents in Marana, AZ

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Hull Maynard Hershey Insurance Services 4562 N FIRST AVE STE 130
Prof. Ins. Providers 512 E Whitehouse Canyon Rd Ste 180
(520) 219-8932
Darryl Colletti 210 W Continental Road
Paul Novak 7070 N Oracle Rd Ste 202
(520) 321-1700
Robert Ford 15920 N Oracle Rd Ste 130
(520) 825-7003
Wray Insurance Agy Po Box 1718
Paul Novak 190 W Magee Rd Ste 122
(520) 498-0300
Billy Bravender 7419 E Tanque Verde Rd
The Lambert Agy Llc 2455 E Speedway Blvd Ste 202
John Willem 4641 N 1St Ave, Ste 1A

Top Erie Home Insurance Agents in Marana, AZ

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Ej Insurance Inc. 4237 W Ina Rd Ste 107 85741
(520) 744-3994
Ark Insurance Group Inc. 3430 E Sunrise Dr Ste 120
Ledgestone Insurance Group Inc. 7530 N LA CHOLLA BLVD
Ledgestone Insurance Group Inc 7470 N LA CHOLLA BLVD 85741
Hull & Hull Insurance Agency Ltd 7400 N ORACLE RD STE 321
Robert G Buchta 6340 N Campbell Ave Ste 100 85718
(520) 789-7223
Mundy Insurance Agency Inc. 1846 E INNOVATION PARK DR
Eckroth Insurance Group Llc 8825 E Speedway Blvd Ste 108
(520) 322-9898

Homeowners Insurance Comparison for the Cheapest Premiums in Marana, AZ

Median Home Value ($) 230,960210,960250,960
Construction year 200820012008
Home Coverage ($) $250000-$300000$300000-$350000$300000-$350000
Total Premium ($) $784$1008$997

Marana, AZ Multi Policy Discounts by Home Insurance Companies

Home Insurance Company Multi Policy Discount (%)
Travelers upto 5%
Nationwide upto 9%
Allstate upto 21%
Erie upto 18%